Week Two of UK Celebrity Big Brother: Public Vote Out Heidi Fleiss and Katia in the First Eviction Round

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It’s the end of the second week in the house and tempers have started to fray. The celebrity housemates failed on tasks such as the Last Legs Retirement Home and broke the rules on talking about the evictions. In its typically devious style, Big Brother dealt out punishments such as taking away the housemates food, leaving them with the bare essentials of rice and beans.

Find out who has started to show signs of cracking and which two housemates didn’t make it to Week Three.

Katia and Heidi Evicted from the Big Brother House This Week

Three housemates were up for eviction in this first round. First out was Katia and minutes later and much to the surprise of the housemates, Heidi became the second evictee. At the end of the episode, Davina McCall announced that a third housemate will face the chop this Monday.

Vinnie Jones

With Two Evictions, Vinnie Jones, Sisqo, Ivana Trump, Basshunter and Co are Left to Pick up the Pieces

It has been an entertaining week. Big Brother tasked the housemates with quizzes, becoming a retirement home for two days, Sov played hide the beans and the ‘Katia and Jonas’ saga continued on, leaving viewers and housemates wondering if it’s all a ruse for the cameras.

Find out which housemates seem to be coping the best under pressure:

  • Stephen Baldwin: He has reined in the lectures a little but Stephen has shown himself to be an adept gossipmonger. He accused Nicola of having a ‘selective memory’ and when she rightfully took offense he then told other housemates that the devil was among them. He has also enjoyed bending Vinnie’s ear in the kitchen, enlightening him on how he believes Ivana may be looking for husband number 4 in Alex Reid. That said, Ivana does seem to have a soft spot for the cagefighter.
  • Stephanie Beacham: Along with Ivana, Stephanie became one of the two carers in the ‘Last Legs Retirement Home’ this week. Despite almost blocking the toilet with a ball of solid, day-old porridge (why the bin wasn’t good enough is anyone’s guess), pig-tailed Stephanie seemed to cope admirably. She kept her cool as Sov threw her dinner down in disgust and gently advised Ivana that liquidizing the cheese with so much water possibly wasn’t the best idea.
  • Nicola T: Nicola showed a bit more balls this week. After Stephen mistakenly accused her of being one of the rule-breaking housemates, she hit back. Big Brother punished the housemates because both Heidi and Stephen discussed their nominations. She seems to have struck up a good friendship with Dane though, which is just as well as Vinnie now appear to be on kitchen strike, having told Dane and Nicky that they will be in charge of dinner until Sunday.
  • Dane Bowers: Dane is also coming out of his shell a little. Ever intent on creating some tension between him and Alex Reid, Big Brother stuck the two of them together in the talent show but they successfully pulled off an off-key rendition of Kylie and Jason’s ‘Especially for You”. Dane also stood up to Vinnie on Day 11 in Big Brother’s ‘Beef Gate” incident. Who knew corned beef could stir such strong feelings?
  • Sisqo: Sisqo is the one character who went quiet this week. After almost baring all last week in a mankini, the US singer decided to take a back seat on the gossiping and showmanship but has started expressing his irritation with Alex, who he has dubbed ‘Rocky’. Sisqo definitely looked the best in the OAP costume.
  • Alex Reid: As one of the newer celebrities in the group, Alex is getting pearls of wisdom from all corners. It seems like Stephen is having the biggest impact on him, with the two of them joining hands in the snug on Thursday to recite a prayer of salvation. Just how ‘saved’ Alex will be, only time will tell.
  • Jonas Erik Altberg aka Basshunter: Apart from having his heart broken and then put back together by Katia, Jonas has started to antagonize some of his fellow housemates who feel he is a bit ‘base’ in his humour. Ever the eccentric, Jonas dressed up to the nines on Thursday (for no good reason) and engaged in a spot of washing up flirting with, surprise surprise, Katia.
  • Lady Sovereign: The UK rapper threw a couple of amusing tantrums this week. Understandably fed up with liquidized food (mandatory during the ‘Last Legs’ challenge), Sov whined at Ivana and again lamented the fact that she had to wear a skirt. She got caught out by Vinnie who used the “Tree of Temptation’ as a decoy to reveal who had been hiding a tin of baked beans in the snug. Sov claims she did it out of boredom, which in all fairness isn’t hard to believe.
  • EVICTED Katia Ivanova: Some may say she’s had a rough week at the hands of Alex, Dane, and even Jonas chiding her for her so-called celebrity status, but her on-off relationship with Jonas is starting to grate with the housemates. She supposedly ended their 2-minute fling but seems to have had a change of heart. Cynical celebs and viewers believed she had the about turn to avoid eviction.
  • EVICTED Heidi Fleiss: Ms. Fleiss had a moment of wanderlust at the start of the week. She has spent no less time in bed during this second week. She had a change of mind shortly after but along with Katia and Sov (who in her own words, are a pair of ‘idiots’) faced eviction and may be happy to go.
  • Vinnie Jones: The only housemate not to receive a single nomination, Vinnie has managed to stay out of the firing line by becoming the alpha male of the house, and of the kitchen. Vinnie only started to show signs on cracking during the ‘Last Legs’ task, in which he had to relinquish kitchen duties to Stephanie and Ivana. He and Stephanie and have been enjoying some one-to-one bitching sessions about the other housemates.
  • Ivana Trump: Given her wealth, Ivana seems to be managing quite well in the Big Brother house but it is after all only her first week inside. She confessed that she never cooks at home and has phone conversations with her dog. Viewers may see a different side of Ivana next week if the novelty of being under 24 hour surveillance starts to wear off.

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